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eSafe takes the strain of detecting early safeguarding risks, 24/7, 365 days a year
A complete outsourced monitoring service, eSafe is designed to help education leaders meet their statutory duty to safeguard the young people in their care. The service provides highly effective monitoring of school owned devices to detect the earliest warning signs of inappropriate or harmful behaviour.

eSafe gives valuable insight into the wellbeing of pupils too
As well as working within the Inspectorates’ framework, the data gathered by eSafe gives a true and accurate gauge of wellbeing within the monitored college. This helps education leaders proactively shape the pastoral agenda in line with the specific challenges their students may face at any given time.


Active Informatics brings data to life. Our innovative Safeguarding, Careers and CRM applications combine the latest data and technology to help education providers improve learner outcomes and address local employer skills demand.


AMiE is the leadership section of ATL representing leaders and managers in schools and colleges and is made up of head teachers, deputy and assistant head teachers, school bursars, business support managers, leaders and managers at all levels working in academies, further education, sixth form and adult education colleges; and managers in universities, training organisations and other areas of the education sector.

Blended Learning Consortium

DfE Educate against Hate

MCL Create

Smart Apprentice

Not.a.CV is a digital CV platform which is free for students to use. It also has an optional search hub which allows student services professionals to monitor the development of employability skills by individual learner and in so doing, support them with job seeking.

Prospect Consultants

VLE Support

eNotify a software system, which includes a mobile phone app, that will revolutionise the way in which student absence information is reported and shared with staff.

At the beginning of each lesson, do your teachers know which students will be absent and which students are running late? Do attendance staff know which students are not in their lesson and have not notified the college? Is your college data sufficiently rich to be able to identify the causes of poor attendance? Does your organisation need to save money on its administrative costs? Sarah Jones of VLE Support will explore the many benefits of eNotify and how it can support your college to improve attendance management and save money.

eTrackr is our eILP and student management system, which works with all MIS systems.

eConsole is our live dashboard system.

VLE Support are a dynamic software development company, who supply products to the Further Education sector.