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eSafe was founded to promote the welfare and wellbeing of young people by providing early warning visibility of safeguarding risk. Our unique TripleLock system monitors activity in the digital environment to detect genuine risks, facilitating early intervention as well as proactively informing the pastoral agenda.

Active Informatics

We provide Dynamics 365 CRM solutions for managing apprenticeships, employer engagement, and student safeguarding. We also provide Intuition – our bespoke student wellbeing and careers tracking system. Both used by colleges across the UK.

African Adventures

African Adventures is a social enterprise which supports 25 community projects in Africa, whilst organising challenging and worthwhile volunteer trips for post 16 students.

Volunteers carry out meaningful volunteer work and experience the wonder of Africa, resulting in increased global awareness and enhanced personal development.

African Adventures believes in delivering experiences which have two-way benefits and a lasting impact, perfect for post 16 students looking to build on skills ready for further education and future employment.

Big White Wall

Big White Wall is a 16 plus, safe community environment for those struggling with mild to moderate anxiety, stress and depression.

Working with over 85 Universities and colleges throughout the UK for their student populations and staff, the vibrant community is clinically managed and moderated by trained practitioners’ day, and night, 365 days a year.

In a stigma-free environment, members can follow their own path towards better mental health with self- assessments and self-guided support programmes tackling a range of common issues.

Department for Education's Counter-Extremism Division

The Department for Education's Counter-Extremism Division will be in attendance to discuss the Prevent website for Further Education: Prevent for FE and Training. The website, which is managed by the Education and Training Foundation, provides practical advice and guidance on how to implement the Prevent Duty, promote Fundamental British Values, and safeguard learners from radicalisation.



eSpirALS is an innovative, web-based learning support management system. It plans, tracks and monitors all types of support.

Whether you support 5 or 5000, eSpirALS provides an holistic approach to managing additional support and enhances the way in which information is recorded and shared. Come and visit our stand to find out more and sign up for an online demonstration.

VLE Support Ltd are a dynamic software development company who design and support tools for the education sector. Our other featured products are:

eTrackr-ILP An e-ILP and student management system providing a central hub for tracking, monitoring, measuring and analysing performance against targets whilst supporting the Five Headline Performance Measures.

eNotify An easy to use web-based student absence management system. Collating all your student absence data on one convenient dashboard, eNotify enables you to efficiently monitor and follow up absences, and to quickly identify statistics and trends.

eConsole A live dashboard system which collates existing data and presents it in the form of charts, graphs and statistics.

VLE Support are a dynamic software development company, who supply products to the Further Education sector.

Come and visit our stand to find out more and sign up for an online demonstration.

Phone: 01689 885068 or email:


Natspec is the membership association for organisations which offer specialist further education for students with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

Natspec’s Transform and TechAbility specialist CPD services aim to support all FE professionals concerned with the education and training of students with SEND, particularly those funded as high needs students.

We offer training, consultancy support, advisory visits and webinars, delivered by associates and staff seconded from member colleges.

Come and speak to us about your CPD needs in order to improve the quality of your SEND provision.


Navigate The only platform to assess, track & evidence all Work-Related Learning activity.

Navigate is trusted by colleges across the country to assess, manage and evidence all work placement, enrichment and employer engagement activity. It provides an engaging, easy-to-use learner platform and a powerful, intuitive administration platform for staff.

Work Placements Navigate makes it easy to manage college work placements programmes, by:

  • Providing learners with an engaging, mobile-friendly placement platform that helps them to prepare for placement, evidence their activity and receive feedback from employers.
  • Automating important elements of the placement process, which saves times for work placement teams and employers.
  • Providing work experience coordinators with a clear view of important tasks they need to complete.
  • Ensuring consistent, professional communications with employers through an automated email system.
  • Supporting effective tracking of employers details, including important information about health, safety and insurance compliance.
  • Delivering essential data for funding and inspection reporting purposes.

Enrichment and Employer Engagement Navigate captures every aspect of the college Enrichment and Employer Engagement programme, by:

  • Making it easy for learners to record all of their college-based and external enrichment, tutorial and extra-curricular activity.
  • Measuring the impact on learners of enrichment and wider employability activity through an engaging psychometric assessment.
  • Automatically assigning skills to each recorded activity which supports learners to contextualise the enrichment programme.
  • Allowing tutors to quickly add enrichment activities against groups of learners.
  • Providing clear impact data to evidence the ‘Personal Development’ Ofsted inspection theme.
  • Supporting the evidencing of Gatsby Benchmark 7, ‘Encounters with Employers’ – a key success metric for college career provision.

One Team Logic

One Team Logic bring you MyConcern: A Queen’s Award-winning safeguarding software used in educational settings worldwide to report, record and monitor wellbeing concerns. Simple to use and suitable for any educational setting, it can help protect young people and the vulnerable using a secure and trusted platform, enabling early intervention.


Pathways brings high quality careers information into your website and maps your courses to future careers, showing prospective students and their parents possible career options after studying on your courses. It is embedded in your course and subject pages and maps to Apprenticeships, HE and future careers.

Pathways highlights key Labour Market Information including salary and future employment predictions for all jobs at a regional and national level. It shows common study routes to get to a career and includes videos of real people talking about their jobs.

You can generate infographics from within your Pathways admin area for over 360 jobs, to download as A4 posters and to use across social media channels.

It is an affordable solution, set up is easy, it requires no extra work from your IT team and helps your college meet Gatsby Benchmark #2.

Find out more at


Smart Apprentices is an award winning, innovative suite of technologies purposely designed for the education sector.

Our latest product, Not.a.CV, is a platform for innovative, dynamic and personable digital CVs.

CVs created on Not.a.CV are unlike any others, they are digital passports that can be taken throughout education and into the world of employment to help them stand out from the crowd.

Steve Wright & Routes Puppets

Delivering engaging and challenging presentations for students and innovative training for staff, Steve has appeared in many NAMSS member colleges and inspired audiences with a unique mix of critical thinking and multi-media presentations. Promoting modern British values and equality, diversity and inclusion education in a creative, entertaining and thought-provoking style.


TOTUM - Discount, ID and engagement platform: more than just a card!

  • Generate income & engagement for your college
  • Great discounts from over 250 brands
  • Available to all students and staff at your college
  • Promote enrichment to your students for free

For more information call 07884 211651 or contact