Executive Board Application Process 2020-21

We’re looking for NAMSS members who think they can contribute to the on-going success of NAMSS through active participation on the Executive Board. The first step in the process is to read through the role requirements, responsiblities and accountabilities. If still interested, please complete the ‘Expression of Interest’ form below. In accordance with the NAMSS Constitution 2019-20, successful applicants will be asked to complete a nomination form which should be returned by 25th February 2020. This is important if you are keen to elected to the Executive Board at the AGM on the 10th March. Any members returning acompleted forms after this date may be co-opted providing there is a vacancy on the Board. Please remember, you can complete an 'Expression of Interest' at any point in the year, so if now isn't the right time for you, that's OK as the nominaton and co-option process is open all year.

Responsible for: Representing and upholding the core values and principles of NAMSS through participation in Executive Board meetings and the development and achievement of NAMSS Strategic Objectives.

Responsible to: The NAMSS membership via the NAMSS Executive Board.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • To contribute to the development and achievement of the Strategic Objectives of the organisation.
  • To provide strategic input and expertise to NAMSS Executive discussions to enhance and improve decisions and outcomes.
  • To undertake project work within the scope of NAMSS Strategic Objectives and as agreed by the NAMSS Executive.
  • To report as required on progress made for allocated priorities as described in the NAMSS Action Plan.
  • To contribute to the content of the Annual Report as required.
  • To attend and participate in Executive meetings and to complete any actions arising within pre-agreed timescales.
  • To support the organisation and execution of the Annual National Conference.
  • To represent NAMSS at national and regional meetings with prior agreement of the NAMSS Chair/Deputy Chair and/or Operations Officer.
  • To contribute articles for NAMSS Latest, website and any other publicity as requested and agreed.
  • To support and facilitate Regional meetings via Regional Convenors if appropriate.
  • To contribute to JISC mail discussions where appropriate and relevant to do so.
  • To promote professionalism and respect for other members at all times.

Principal Accountabilities:

  • To attend five scheduled Executive meetings each year.
  • To provide adequate prior notice and apologies in writing to the Chair and Operations Officer regarding non-attendance at Executive meetings.
  • To adhere to the Code of Conduct for all members of NAMSS.
  • For Chair and Deputy Chair - To work to your specific role description (see separate documents.)
  • To support and facilitate the sharing of good practice within your sphere of expertise.
  • To develop and sustain knowledge to fulfil role of the Executive.

Role Context:

  • The Executive must operate in accordance with the NAMSS Constitution.
  • Members of the Executive must have the full support of their institution.
  • The Executive must operate in the best interest of the membership.
  • Members of the Executive confirm their personal compliance with the ‘Declaration of Related Party Interests’ and also the ‘Statement of Facts’ as detailed in NAMSS Indemnity Insurance documentation.

Application Process Summary

Joining the Exec

  1. Any member wishing to join the Executive Board can do so at any point in the year.
  2. Applicants will be invited to have an informal discussion with the Chair and up to 2 other members of the Exec regarding their interest.
  3. Applicants are welcome to attend one Exec meeting as an observer to help in their decision-making. (Please be aware that there may be some ‘closed’ sessions on the Agenda which the observer will not be able to be present for.)
  4. Applicants will be notified within 5 working days of the outcome and possibility of co-option or before the AGM if this is sooner.


  1. Any member who applies to join the Exec after the AGM may be co-opted in accordance with the Constitution, providing there is a vacancy on the Board.
  2. Co-opted members will be asked to complete a Nomination Form and sign the attached Expectations and Duties and email all documents to the NAMSS Operations Officer as soon as possible following co-option.

Please enter your details below and you will be contacted by the NAMSS Operations Officer.

I consent that all information I provide as part of the ‘Joining the Exec’ process can be shared with current members of the NAMSS Executive Board as part of this process.